Color is Key

21 June 2011 — When it comes to website design, color is crucial. Do you remember the 64 pack of Crayola crayons? Oh, the colors! And the built in sharpener! Glorious days! In a recent color study done by KISSmetrics, it turns out that mostly women can appreciate the diversity of color names. Men tend to categorize all similar colors together and lump them in with the same general name. While women might be see Sea foam or Herb,… Continue

Book Review-The Dip

20 May 2011 — “Winners quit the right stuff at the right time.” One summer, earlier in my life when I was both young and stupid, my husband and I started a business. Mind you, neither of us are entrepreneurial material. But we were newly married and ambitious and thought love would carry us through budget meetings. The business was asphalt seal coating. Not a romantic business; in fact nothing says romance like the whiff of hot tar or… Continue

Turn That Frown Upside Down

28 April 2011 — Responding to online criticism gives retailers a chance to right a wrong. According to today’s USA Today, “Sony's PlayStation Network has been hacked, putting at risk the personal information of about 77 million user accounts. The company is coming under fire for failing to let users know immediately about the data breach, which was revealed today. The intrusion brought the network down April 17, and it remains down, but the company is only now revealing… Continue

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It’s not the Value, it’s the Thought that Counts

31 March 2011 — Thoughtfulness on your part could translate into repeat business on their part. What does it take to make a customer happy? Good service, an efficient and reliable product? A knowledgeable sales person? Sure, but it maybe even easier than that. At the end of a mundane day, when you walk into the grocery store, do you love it when there’s free food samples? Inside our grocery store there is a Starbucks. When the barista was… Continue

Dynamic Class Names with ExpressionEngine

7 March 2011 — When adapting a template into ExpressionEngine, it is a common occurrence to see items such as class=“first” and class=“last” when looking at a list of items. What follows is a simple explanation of some of the ExpressionEngine conditionals that you can use to work through these situations. Situations such as these are no problem when we are using static code to run our pages. However, we use ExpressionEngine, and we have the power of flexibility.… Continue


28 February 2011 — Are you in the circle of friends? MerchantCircle is the "largest online network of local business owners, combining social networking features with customizable web listings that allow local merchants to attract new customers." It’s like a matchmaker for merchants and shoppers. It is specifically dedicated to local businesses and local shoppers. With over 1,000,000 users, it’s a treasure trove of resources. MerchantCircle replaces the Yellow Pages, and makes for an interactive and online shopper-to-buyer connection.… Continue

Guide to 404 Pages with ExpressionEngine

16 February 2011 — According to a recent study, 7% of traffic to any given website will result in a 404 error. By default, most ExpressionEngine sites will just redirect the user to the homepage, without any indication of what has just happened. This guide explains all you need to know about setting up your system for optimal 404 pages. A 404 Error, which simply means “Page not Found”, is sent from the server whenever a user types in… Continue

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