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Posted on 21 April 2010 | by JR Rozko

In my last post, "Imaginary Meetings and Meaningful Connections," I explored the importance of making it as easy as possible for those who happen upon your website or blog to take a next step in connecting with you through your most meaningful social networks.  I suggested that it's far better to emphasize 2-3 means of social networking as opposed to trying to offer as many as possible.  We need to resist the ever-present temptation of spreading ourselves too thin.

But picking those social networks that you want to encourage others to connect with you through is only step one.  You also need to work on drawing people's attention to them.

Placement is of course key.  It needs to be "visually easy" for visitors to your site to take another step in connecting with you.  I suggest a handful of strategically placed icons.

We are all used to looking for and at icons, they carry loads of significance for, not just computer users, but all of us.  Icons transmit meaning, significance, and relevance.

Aside from making that point, I also wanted to point you in the direction of some free icon sets that you might want to implement on your site.  It's important to use icons that connect with your audience, as well as reflect something about you and the online image you wish to maintain.  Check out these icon sets.

Social SketchesDownload

Old Bottle Crowns | Download

Large Icons Social | Download

Burnt Wood | Download

Isometrica | Download

Folders | Download

A Life in Pixels | Download

These are just samples.  You will find tons more if you do some basic searching.

*All icon sets via Six Revisions

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Ryan Battles
May. 07, 2010

I just implemented some social media sharing buttons here at the bottom of my posts now, but in this post, they look like part of your list JR!

search icons
Jun. 03, 2010

A subdivision of the hard disk for organizing data. Folders contain files as well as other folders , and they expand to accommodate content because they are not a fixed, physical entity.

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